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Balmain f/w13

Hi my loves!

Today’s a big day for me, 100 days till graduation from high school! Something that’s been celebrated out here!

Another reason to have a party (: and what kind of party with the Balmain f/w collection!


Love, Grania xoxo

Victor & Rolf fall/winter 13

Hi guys!

Today’s subject is the great Victor and Rolf fashionshow!

It’s all about black and white as you’ll see :)

Nothing new you’d think, but as you know, Victor and Rolf aren’t ordinary…

Love, Grania xoxo

Celine fall 2013

Hi my loves!

Celine, a classic but chique brand, how can you not love it?

Their fall 2013 collection is yet again superb!

Watch this…

See you next time!

Love, Grania xoxo

Dior fall/winter 2013

Hello there!

How are you guys today? It’s almost spring however it’s still freezing cold and the leaves are still lying on the ice cold ground!
A good mood to show you some of the fall/winter 2013 dresses by Dior then :)

Hold on tight and keep you wallets ready cause they are fabulous (just as the runway itself though)!

And last but not least (I know they’re not runway photo’s but hey, I’m in love with this dresses)!

Hope you liked them as much as I do..

Love, Grania xoxo

Jill Sander fall/winter 2013

Hi there my loves!

So with all the fashion shows for the moment, my birthday in 3 days, a lot of work and an emotional roller coaster, it actually is kind of busy… But hey, I’ll still be there for you! :)

I’m guessing you all know Jil Sander, and today I’m showing you his fall/winter collection for later on this year as shown on the Paris fashion week!

I must say that it was a marvelous show, I really liked it a lot.
Please don’t hesitate to watch the whole f/w collection on Jil Sander’s Facebook Page

Now enjoy this top pieces of the new collection: very sixties!

Admit it; no one won’t love this! It’s just brilliant how he mixed the cosy and warm textures with elegance…

Goodnight :)

Love, Grania xoxo

Fashion week: Mulberry

Hi there you guys!

I wanted to share the mulberry autumn/winter collection but instead of just showing you pictures I thought you maybe wanted to see the show yourself!

Overall it wasn’t a bad show, although I thought the trousers were not as good as they could’ve been (because of the length, guess that’s what bothers me) and The floral patterns weren’t that good either.

They wanted to make to models look more manly by putting their hair in the clothes and creating straight oversized clothes. This was done rather good.

What I did like a lot were the pink items, the checkered items and the completely-white-look (which is rather classical but made the models look really good).

Hope you like the show!

Click here for the Mulberry Autumn/Winter show 2013

Love, Grania xoxo

How to nail art: Smoking Hot

Hi my loves!

Here’s another tutorial about nail art, I got inspirited by yesterday’s tutorial and thought I’d share another one with you, cause it’s something I can spend hours with. Funny isn’t it?

And of course: gorgeous nails totally make your outfit!

Smoking Hot

At first: Paint your nails plain white.

Second: Take a tooth stick or something like that to draw two straight  lines from the outer upper corners all the way down to the middle of your nail.

Fill in the outer sides of your nail.

Paint two drops of black nail polish that serve as buttons.

Now draw two lines that cross each other right above the buttons, this will serve as bow tie.

The next thing you’ll do is link the two lines and color them in.

Last but not least, wait for the nail polish to be completely dry and put a top coat on top of it. You should become something like this:

Hope you like it!

Love, Grania xoxo

Ready for summer?

Hi my loves!

Today I was sitting in class and I was thinking I wished it was summer already.
I do hate the cold and rainy days so I figured out you would probably have the same problem.

So I thought “hey, why don’t I look ahead to the summer already?”

Now I have a major deal for you guys! Because my birthday is in two weeks and I love the summer, a bit of a combo:
Go to and when you order something you can typ the code “grania” and

you will get 10% off!

I’ll show you some of my favorites! I just looove the brand “Phax” and I always wear them :) so that’s the brand I’ll introduce to you today!

I adore this Bikini Triang Ermita Semicahet! The color is one of my favorites :D

BUT… I love this Bikini Strapless Doble Faz Betta even more! The absolute plus about this one is that you can wear it inside out, so you have 2 bikinis in 1; a pink and a lace-patterned one!

Did I tell you that a yellow bikini in your closet is an absolute must? When you get a little tan it makes you looks so much more tanned and so much more attractive :)

For the ones among us who don’t like to wear a bikini or are to unsure about their body but still want to look hot: this one is superb!

Hope you like them!

Love grania xoxo

How to nail art: Moustache Yourself

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to demonstrate you how to do some very nice nail art.

I’ve loved to do my nails ever since I was a little girl, and as I grew up I tried to do different designs. As I continued doing more nail art, my drawing became better and so did the finishing touches…

So here’s one golden rule: Keep practicing!

Moustache yourself

At first you just do a french manicure on all of you nails. Then take a toothpick or something like that and take some black nail polish. Make with the point of your toothpick a drop of nail polish almost on the middle of the edge of the pink-white.
Make a second drop next to the first.

Now place 2 almost invisible points on the outer sides of your nails also on the edge of the pink-white. This will be the outer corners of your moustache.

Draw a bow from bottom of the drop to the small point. This will be the  bottom line of our moustache.

Now draw a bow from the upper side of the drop to the little point and fill in.

Now repeat step 4 and 5 on the other side and put a top coat on your nails when they’re dry. You’ll become beautiful nails like this:

Have fun! I hope you enjoy it.

Love, Grania

Patterns? Did you say patterns?

Hi there! :D

What a lot of people spotted as a big trend are the pants with patterns on it, personally I really don’t like it and after asking a couple of other fashion lovers I discovered they weren’t fond of them either.

Now what I do like are some original patterns on shirts, sweaters,….

I do know they are there almost every year, but hey, guess that’s a reason why you should invest in them, isn’t it?
Seems like it’s becoming a basic item in your closet… Something out of the box, to show the world who YOU are!

Oh how I love this sweater! It makes me think of greece somehow, peace, love and … an angel?

“Abracadabra … Nope you’re still a bitch” How I love this shirt!

Now tell me, why shouldn’t your statement shirt be one of your fav band?

Remember this: Your statement shirt can be anything, even self-made… But keep it something of your own, make it yours!

Love you guys, Grania xoxo

Spotted: checkered shirts

Good noon my loves,

I noticed a lot of checkered shirts the last couple of days (although I think you can wear all sorts of checkered items because they give you a sort of casual I-don’t-give-a-damn look). New trend or just a classic fashion statement?

That’s the question of course! Still I wanted to sow you how easy it is to wear, thanks to all these great fashion lovers.

I love how this rock chick combines her checkered shirt but it’s a dare. Not everyone is able to wear something like this… Never change your own style my loves.

Now this is more of how I would wear it myself, depending of the pieces in my closet of course :) :

Guess I’m more of a cute-and-crazy kind of style…

Love, Grania xoxo

This smells like flowers

Hi there my loves!

I’m really longing for spring and summer now, however here it’s still freezing cold and there’s no indication of better weather. :(

Although the weather is sad, I’m already looking for some clothes that make me think of better weather.

That’s how I can to think about the subject of this post: Flowers!

Don’t you just love the retro flower patterns? Cause I sure do!

Ready? Set? Here we go!

All of the pictures above were made by fashion lovers just like me… I don’t own them like most of my pictures, I like to spot the trees better (and wear them of course ;) ) but I don’t have such good equipment :p

Enjoy you fabulous day!

Love, Grania xoxo

We still love knitwear

Hi there!

Well guess the title says it all doesn’t it?

I loved knitwear ever since it became soft :p It’s not only cute, it makes you look good and feels really comfortable.

Watch these fashion lovers do it right!

Have a cosy day!

Love, Grania xoxo

Still hot this summer: lace


Hope you have some lace in that closet of yours cause it’ll still be hot this summer!

Not to miss at al because it’s super feminine and über sexy.

And … also something I really love :)

I AB-SO-LU-TE-LY looove this supertrash dress, pink + lace = cute
Way to go!

 This strapless bra by super trash is also very nice, it’s in colored lace (all sorts of colors) and really nice to wear under a blazer or a black lace top.
Only for those who dare!

 Even on rainy summer days (or on a hot summer day in combination with some color) you can wear some lace thanks to tops such as this black it out top from sugarlips.

Hope you got some new inspiration!

Love, Grania xoxo

Flash: military jackets

Hi there my loves!

I’m back again! Sorry for not posting for such a long time -.- guess school and some dance performances kept me to busy to write unfortunately…

Today’s topic are military jackets. Yes they’re still in and easy to combine for a hot summer look :D

Let’s show you how, watch this:

1. Casual girly: nude-colored skirt, plain t-shirt in a subtle color

2. Bring it on: jeans shorts, plain top

3. Classy girl: lace top, jeans short/trousers in a suitable color, cute earrings (e.g. roses)

Hope you like it!

Love, Grania xoxo

Merry christmas my loves!

Hi there!

Yes you, the person reading this! I want to thank you for all your support to my blog by reading…

And ofcourse a very merry christmas to you all!

Take some time today to be with the ones you love, to send each other messages of peace and love and this about the close friends you’ve lost or that you don’t hear anymore…

Today is THE day to change the missing and think of them, bring them back in your memories and enjoy christmas like they’re right next to you. Have fun!

Lots of hugs and kisses…

Love, Grania xoxo


Hi guys!

Are you planning to travel in the upcoming period? Or are you already planning to travel in july or august?

The suitcases of Saxoline are ab-so-lu-tely great!

Watch and learn…

Love, Grania xoxo